Our design office is a cornerstone able to combine the initial client idea, developed during the planning, to carpentry and, therefore, to the furniture’s creation.

Our designers, starting from the data capture, work on two-dimensional solutions and develop photorealistic renders allowing the client to have a vision of the finished project and evaluate efficiently and objectively the most suitable solution.

The wide range of materials, colours and finishing offered for the furniture of your tobacco shop, kiosk, pastry shop, bakery or bar, enable to produce customised and optimal solutions.


Our carpentry, using modern machineries and having qualified workers, creates scrupulously an exclusive and custom-made furniture.

Each furniture is realised with passion, innovation and constant research of high-quality materials.

Production, albeit on an industrial scale, does not neglect a special attention to details in order to obtain an appealing long-lasting product.

Our company continuously improves the production thanks to the constant upgrade and the using of advanced technologies.